Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time goes by slow slowly...

As usual, the summer posts tail off…although it is no quieter at work than any other time. The summer lull hasn't appeared yet.

The main event at work is the restructuring. I will find out which posts I am eligible to aplly for on 4th September, interviews on the 6th and then I am off on my holiday on the 8th. Not a lot of time to prepare, although my boss has given me the presentation title this week, so the bank holiday weekend is accounted for.

I am not as phased as I thought I would eb with all this uncertainty. I have been seeing my external mentors for advice and help in preparing for the interviews, which has been an excellent way of getting everything into perspective and taking a more objective view of my own performance.

Just found out today that the interviews have been cancelled and will be rescheduled. I bet it will be the day after I return from Mexico. I am really pissed off, as I wanted it all out of the way before we go on holiday.