Monday, July 03, 2006

Up my street

We have had a lovely weekend with my brother, his girlfriend and my 18 month niece staying. It has been glorious weather and we have been outside most of the time. On Saturday there was a pre-school summer fete, at the church hall round the corner, so we took my niece along where I ended up buying a toy Dyson vacuum cleaner for her (I know it is cyclonic or whatever rather than a vacuum but…) She went for this straight away and it was amazing that a lot of the children went for the domestic toys – ironing boards, tea sets etc, even the little boys were very happy pushing their prams around.

As we arrived we met the lovely middle class earth-mother from up the street with her two children, then we bumped into the organiser who is also a neighbour. On our way out the vicar stopped for a chat – she is lovely and we have met her before. Circling the block home we decided to visit the local cows, but my niece was asleep by the time we got there. We then saw some friends out with their baby and waved at few other familiar faces. I was pleased my brother’s girlfriend got to see that we are settled in the neighbourhood and although we are close to town we still have a village feel – not quite the Archers but…

Speaking of which – it was fairly dramatic yesterday when Adam and Ian had a rocky moment over Adam’s apparent unwillingness to discuss fathering a child (although Mads sounds as awful as the awful Siobhan that Brian ‘dallied’ with). It is another sign of the progress in Britain in accepting gay men that this can be a major storyline in the Archers without a blink of an eye. It was handled just as any other difficulty in a relationship would be, with the fact that the partners are both men very much a small issue.