Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Meet the Parents

I have been really enjoying the glorious weather the last few weeks, although it is a pain being at work during the day. I have conceded to the weather by wearing chinos and polo shirts rather than the usual suit, shirt and tie combo – I must admit to feeling a bit casual, but I can live with that. My hospital is still going through the post merger restructuring so there is a little part of me that thinks I should be suited and booted at all times – but it is way too hot to be wearing a wool suit (I know sheep never look too hot, but they don't have to chair meetings or chase around the county making sure there are enough beds open!)

My parents were visiting this weekend – including the first meeting with my partner's parents. We have been together for about 5 years (or so) and in our house for the last 3, but our folks have never met. It went well and they seemed to get on very well. We mat at our house and went out for lunch to the Barn, which is always a great meal. I was a bit off colour and not the most scintillating company, but my partner kept everything rolling along. By the time we had come back and had a cool drink in the garden I was exhausted.