Tuesday, June 20, 2006

35 and happy

I have been off line for a while – new web checking software at work and the home line has been down. Since I last posted there has been too much to post about, but..

I had my 35th birthday – and it was fantastic. A really excellent day with my boyfriend and then a great evening with friends. I think it is the best birthday since I was 30. I haven’t had the I’m-nearly-forty blues and think that I am exactly were I wanted to be at 35 – sexy boyfriend, comfortable house, good friends and a great job. Hooray for me!

Went to the deepest darkest south, well Hampshire, for a friend’s wedding and caught up with lots of old friends, stayed in a lovely country inn and gloated at how relaxed I lo0oked compared to all my friends with children.

My hospital has merged with another one and I am waiting for the new structures, and were I will fit in, but the new chief executive has said he has heard good things about me.

Become addicted to the awful big brother – Nicky to win.