Friday, June 30, 2006

Arghhhh! My reaction when the boiler decided to pack up mid shower. My early morning day dreams were shattered as the water went from warm to cold in two seconds. Refreshing if you are in a tropical paradise, but not at 7 am when you then need to boil the kettle for a shave.

Luckily my brother is a Corgi qualified plumber/gas fitter/electrician so he is driving his family up tonight to fix the boiler. We get to go out tomorrow for a lovely day with my niece (now eighteen moths) while he gets to strip the boiler down!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Karma and road kill

I am hoping for some good karma today. Driving to work I slammed on the brakes to avoid a cute little bunny hopping across the road – I did check there was nothing behind me first, so maybe I only get half karma points?

Obviously, there are plenty of people not too bothered about karma as I then saw 2 rabbits, a hedgehog and (I think) a crow, splattered along the road. The road is usually road kill free, but today was like a little woodland massacre.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

35 and happy

I have been off line for a while – new web checking software at work and the home line has been down. Since I last posted there has been too much to post about, but..

I had my 35th birthday – and it was fantastic. A really excellent day with my boyfriend and then a great evening with friends. I think it is the best birthday since I was 30. I haven’t had the I’m-nearly-forty blues and think that I am exactly were I wanted to be at 35 – sexy boyfriend, comfortable house, good friends and a great job. Hooray for me!

Went to the deepest darkest south, well Hampshire, for a friend’s wedding and caught up with lots of old friends, stayed in a lovely country inn and gloated at how relaxed I lo0oked compared to all my friends with children.

My hospital has merged with another one and I am waiting for the new structures, and were I will fit in, but the new chief executive has said he has heard good things about me.

Become addicted to the awful big brother – Nicky to win.