Thursday, April 06, 2006

…nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine....

Blogging has been off the agenda since we got back from the family holiday. We had a great time and it was lovely to spend time with my family, especially as my niece had just started walking. We spent many hours trailing her around the apartment while she opened drawers and cupboards, casting their contents aside. Towers were knocked down as soon as they were built and the boiler room held a strange fascination with a visit every 3 minutes to check all was in order. I think that my dad had a good 60th birthday as he also got plenty of time to sit around, drinking coffee, snoozing and attempting a 'fiendish' soduko.

Since we got back I have been full steam ahead on getting my bloody dissertation finished. It is due in next week and I have taken a week off work to get it done. It is going pretty well (don’t worry honey I will get back to it in a minute!!) and I hope to have it finished over the weekend. I cannot wait until the spectre of the damn thing has gone! Better get back to it….Jay x