Friday, March 17, 2006


Away for a few days with my family to celebrate my father's 60th Birthday. Back soon. Jay x

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Silly Billy!

What silly boy Ashley Cole is. (Although pretty fit!)

After hearing that the News of the World's TV adverts promoting 'shocking revelations' about gay premiership footballers I have to admit flicking through the paper at the newsagent. The shocking allegations were that there are some footballers are gay (Never! – what a shocker), and that the gay footballers have sex with other men (What is the world coming to?! – this deserves a public inquiry). The 'story' was accompanied by silhouetted pictures of two footballers and a DJ who had been involved in 'shocking' acts, including a claim that claimed two Premiership footballers used a mobile phone as a sex toy. Another example of double standards from the tabloids who wouldn't find this even worth reporting if it was between a footballer and a woman.

Anyway, end of story…until Ashley Cole sues the paper for causing internet gossips to identify him as one of the 'gay footballers'. What??!! Maybe I have missed some huge internet debate, but I had forgotten the story and wasn't aware that some people were suggesting Cole was one of the footballers. Although Cole wasn't named in the stories, he claims certain hints and innuendoes suggested he was involved. By suing the press, even though he wasn't identified, he has only drawn attention to himself and fuelled the speculation.

Cole's manager, Wenger said "Ashley wants to clear his name because he feels there have been some wrong rumours, and I can understand that. Nobody likes to read these sorts of rumours. Maybe he has decided that because he is going to be married soon, he cannot accept any insinuation on his private life."

I can understand that the tabloids cannot be allowed to publish innuendo and rumour and present it as fact, equally, I wouldn't want stories to circulate about me based on unidentified rumours in the press, but this feels a little surreal to me – maybe I am missing the point here? The pictures below show why people would link these rumours to Cole. So either A) they are true and he would be better off 'admitting' it in his own words and getting the public to hear his sdie of the story, or B) He has enouygh evidence to sue the paper's ass off.

Not sure if I am just perpetuating this rumour - but the Pink News provides interesting evidence of the photo that sparked the rumours.

First is the NoW picture;

Second, is a picture of DJ MasterStepz and Ashley Cole from a Choice FM event. What do you think?

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I have been having strange dreams the last few nights. On Tuesday night I dreamt that I was potholing under the hospital where I work with some (non-work) friends. We eventually came a cross some chasms that required us to trapeze across to the other side, which I found very scary. This led to a small underground kitchen with a serving hatch. The hatch was being assaulted by robins and owls, which I had to fight off with graters, rolling pins etc. Nobody else seemed very bothered about the avian assault. I don't know what to make of this?

Last night I dreamt that some of the people I am interviewing for my dissertation had dropped out. This is not surprising as I had some interviews to day and I can see how it was on my mind, but the dream was not as straightforward as receiving a telephone call or email. The potential interviewees called me into their office and where Peter Capaldi, (Malcolm from The Thick of It) explained how my interviews were a thinly veiled plot to undermine the local health economy and make the general public realise that resources could be spent more productively. This was unacceptable as there were already systems in place to prevent the public realising this and, therefore, all my interviews were cancelled.

Although very different, both dreams were very vivid and stuck with my once I woke up. I usually have forgotten my dreams by the time I stumble out of bed, so it is odd to remember these two.