Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

I think that my boyfriend and I are good neighbours. We are polite to others on the street, keep our property neat and tidy, repaint outside masonry and woodwork, always bring the bin in after collection, rarely play loud music late at night and keep an eye out for unusual activity (OK, OK, I am an inveterate curtain twitcher!).

I did worry before we moved in that we may get some hassle as a gay couple, but we have had no trouble at all. We have been for dinner at one neighbour's house, drinks at another's and are on nodding/speaking terms with many others.

There are only two things on our street that cause me stress:

1) Parking – if everyone parked as considerately as me there would be no problem. But no, some people need to own two huge Volvo estates and ensure they leave a gap just too small for another car to get in. Then there are the number of families with two or more cars, when we manage with one. Then there is the lovely neighbour who cannot park unless there is a ten foot space, which usually means parking outside our house 2 minutes before I get home. Then….well, you get the picture.

2) The teenage 'honey-pot' who appears all demure, but has about a dozen of the local boys hanging around her every evening. Nothing rowdy, just loitering and bouncing their balls (footballs!!). They have recently been joined by some more chaver type kids. At their age we were either at the park, exploring woodland or sneaking into local pubs for a 'pint of beer'. They seem happy to do nothing but hang outside honey-pot's house. This is sometimes encouraged by her parents, who come outside to smoke and chat to the kids. I am sure this is commendable really, and the parents would rather have the kids outside their house so they know where they are. All well and good, except they live next door!!!

The last two weeks, however, have been a different story. No trouble parking, in fact lots of space and no kids, no noise and no trouble. What has been the cause of this bliss? Honey-pot and her family have been on holiday. So you can imagine my horror when at 12.30 am this morning when I was awoken from a dream to hear car doors slamming and children shouting to their parents – yes they are back! Unfortunately here is no severe weather in the Dominican Republic to keep them there, they are home and my two weeks of peace and quiet and stress free parking have come to an end.

Thank God we go away in 14 days time and we will have another two weeks without them.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How to...

It is true that the net is an amazing place – want to see photos of small monkeys? – then go here. Want to get a design for a lego CD holder - go here. Need to know the dates of the nearest brick themed events near you? - don't worry - here you go.

Best of all - pissed of by Bush? Want to piss on him? - knock youself out with these. Old story I know, but couldn't resist posting them.

Designed to be stuck in urinals, they are sure to help with you aim.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Just found out at the weekend that I will be a godfather to my niece – as you can see, she was coyly pleased to hear the news.

Of course the big dilemma (bigger than what I should wear), is what to buy as a christening gift? I don't want to buy a peter rabbit mug or a sterling silver first tooth box from Argos, so what is left? Favourite choice so far is the man in the moon teething ring from Tiffany, rattle with mother of pearl handle, or this cool little baby dumbbell rattle.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Mo Mowlam

It is very sad to hear that Mo Mowlam has died, especially as she was only 55. It is not clear whether her death is related to her previous brain tumour. She went into hospital at the end of July before being moved to a hospice.

She was one member of the Labour party who it was hard not to admire and respect, regardless of your political persuasion. She took brave and decisive action during her time at the Northern Ireland Office, where she made real inroads into the peace process.

She also seemed like a good laugh – an approachable person who you could happily prop the bar up with.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I am Lost

It may seem a little insensitive to post about Lost so soon after the tragic crash in Greece, but I am totally addicted. The back stories for the characters add something to the wider crash story that unites the main characters. (Pity the poor extras who may get the occasional line, but you know they will only be in the spotlight before their tragic demise!)

I thought Jack was cute at first, but now he is a little annoying and self-righteous. Locke is definitely my favourite and I think that he will be the key to getting off the island. Sun and Jin are fascinating and definitely have some good stories a head. Kate is too self-absorbed for my liking. Sawyer is a nice bit of eye candy and is growing on me.

We have the American DVD of series one and only have two episodes left – PLOT SPOILER – Do NOT read if you have only just started watching it. The overall mystery of the island is still too weird. The raft is about to launch and Danielle ('French chick') has just identified the monster as a 'security system;' that protects the island. We are convinced that Walt is the key to everything – forget purgatory, forget Jurassic Park – Walt will be revealed as the super powered cause and, hopefully, saviour. Not sure if series 2 has started yet – will be looking for it ASAP –almost a reason to get satellite! Why Walt – I present my case:

1) Locke was safe from the monster in the jungle, after the pilot was attacked. He was face to face with the monster as well. I know Locke has his own 'special' trekker/Bushman type skills, but I think his befriending of Walt protected him.

2) Polar bears on the island, polar bears in Walt's comic – coincidence? – Yeah right!

3) Brian – Walt's step dad didn't wanted him after his mother's death due to 'spooky' powers e.g. the dead bird when Walt was being ignored.

4) Walt knew that Locke was trying to open the hatch through his 'special powers' and I think this has spurred him to want to get off the island.

5) We know he burned the first raft to stay in one place after feeling he has always been on the move. Could he have caused the crash for the same reason?

**UPDATE** Watched final episode yestaerday...roll on series 2...I knew something was up with Walt...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Zen and the art of report writing

I haven't really had the time or the inclination to post over the last week. This is mainly as we spent most of last weekend at my partner's parents and the hospital, following his father having a heart attack. He is at home now and well after having an angiogram identifying a narrowed artery and then an angioplasty to insert a stent. It was a real shock for everyone and it does make you stop and think about your life.

My partner's father, who is in his mid sixties, has never smoked, doesn't drink a lot and has a pretty healthy diet with soya-this and organic-that. Even more surprising he has always been very active, including teaching martial arts at least 3 times a week. You would have thought he was one of the least likely people to have a heart attack. He is at home now and under orders to take things easy, but that will be the hard part. I don't think I could switch form having a busy and active life to suiting quietly in the garden. The trick is to find the right balance, which he will need to do with the cardiac rehabilitation team and his family over the next few weeks.

I have certainly tried to learn a lesson and have managed to keep my stress levels lower this week by having a more Zen like approach to life. Obviously, this is an incremental process, but I have combined Buddhism and corporate sport into the Nike 'Just Do IT' logo. So, if there is an important report waiting causing stress – just do it. If I can remove an obstacle to serenity, it is easier to just do it. We'll see how long this approach lasts!

I have been more worried about my partner and his family worrying themselves to distraction. We will be over there again this weekend to see how things are.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sit And Spin

Great article on Sit and Spin, a straight guy's guide to gay sex. Worth checking out, just for the cute little graphics.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I didn’t think that I would post about Big Brother, but I couldn’t not comment on Kinga’s squat onto a wine bottle before lying on the grass after announcing “She was off to masturbate with a bottle.” I was actually shocked, Craig’s incessant fawning over Anthony has been cringe worthy enough, but this reached new heights of depravity. I am not surprised so m any people have complained – I am not a prude, but it doesn’t take a genius to guess that this will shock a few people.

Show it on the net, photograph I magazines, film it and flog the video, but maybe don’t broadcast it on C4. Even little old Anthony was shocked!

MP3 or not MP3, that is the question

My boyfriend has just bought the Sony NW-HD5 MP3 player with a 20GB memory – looks pretty sleek and will hold more tracks than you could possibly want. I have also been toying with buying one – mainly for plane journeys and the beach – have to be honest that I doubt I will get much more use. I certainly won't be listening to it as I walk down the street with my friends, which is what I see loads of people doing.

At the moment I am undecided between the amazingly tiny (24x24x24 mm) Mobiblu – which has totally seduced me or the Monolith II, which has a whole host of great features – but I am unlikely to use them. I am also being drawn to the new iRiver 5GB colour screen model – but do I need a machine that does a jpeg slideshow?

Any advice out there? What size memory do I need – should I choose style over functionality? Does it matter whetehr I get hard disc versus flash memory? Is there a price limit where it just gets ridiculous? The models above retail from 129 -159 (sterling). Better yet – can I order a Mobilbu in the states, I think it is only Wal-Mart who stock them? - (although they seem to be out of stock), and get it shipped over here – do I lose any guarantees? The same model is 129 pounds here and 129 dollars in the US, (about 72 pounds). Incredibly frustrating, that I should have to pay nearly double to buy the same product here.

Or should I just dust off my old portable CD player?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dirty Harry

Regular readers will ,know that I have a massive fetish for the 2 princes. Couldn't resist posting this picture of Prince Harry. Looks like an old photo, but pretty hot!

Previously, Harry Polo grope and Will in speedos