Wednesday, June 29, 2005


June is always a mad month. As well as my birthday, it is father’s day and three close friends have their birthdays over two days. Now we are almost into July, which is my gorgeous boyfriend’s birthday. I have got a few things already for him, (don’t go looking if you are reading this honey!), but really wanted to get this.

It is a prop wine bottle from Moulin Rouge and I thought it was pretty cool. It is 45 pounds, which is admittedly a lot of money for an empty wine bottle. This also got me to thinking that maybe it was because I liked it really and maybe his birthday present should be something he wants! Anyway, I can easily mock up a label on the PC and stick it on a empty bottle – who would know the difference?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Birthday/Garden photos

Willie has been posting about his garden recently and I did promise some photos from the garden. We had spent a couple of days tidying and rejuvenating the plants in preparation. The Barbecue was a present to ourselves. It costs a fortune to fill with charcoal and smokes all over you but it looks great!

This is the one of the poppies that have grown this year. Last year there were plenty of leaves, but no flowers. They are a lovely, purpely chocolate brown colour and were much loved by the bees.

The last photo is of the potting bench viewed through the fig tree. The bench allows me to fantasise about living a quiet Edwardian existence tending plants in the glasshouse. It looks great and has been useful already.

Click on any pictures for a larger image.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Booty Call 2

I mentioned the other day about registering for the whole ‘Get Naked’ experience with Tunick. I have been trying to imagine what it will be like being naked with hundreds of strangers. It is not like some big back room orgy, this will be men and women, young and old who are probably just as regular as me in their day-to-day lives.

Apart from the obvious diet that I have started (no alcohol, low GI foods and no sweets & chocolate), there is the dilemma of body hair. My balls are definitely ready for a trim and there seems to be far more options than the usual shave. I would normally trim excess pubes and then shave to a smooth finish with a Gillette razor. But I have noticed that there are now other options. Men’s magazines are full of adverts for Veet for Men, which comes as a cream or wax product. It doesn't specifically say it can be used for removing hair from your balls, but it could work? Apparently:

Alternatively, there is the Philips Bodygroom, which promises: "All bodyzones: With the Bodygroom, men can safely and easily shave all bodyzones: chest & abs, underarms, groin area, legs, back and shoulders." Several guys have been discussing the Bodygroom in the Men's Health forum, where it seems to pretty popular. There is also the Seiko Cleancut Intimate Area Shaver, which is specifically recommended for "the finest, safest shaver made for personal areas such as the genital, vaginal, bikini area and under arms." This one looks a bit girly, but apparently is for men as well.

Also recommended is the Remington Mens Total Body Hair Trimmer/Groomer,

I have also been intrigued by the adverts, particularly, in straight magazines, suggesting that the rise of the metrosexual man is unstoppable. This advert was in Empire last month:

The whole ball shaving thing does seem to be popular, another trawl through Men's Health found hundereds of posts from straight guys who love smooth balls.

So what do you think? Just a trim or the whole nine yards? And what method do you prefer?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Birthday blog

I missed posting about my birthday. It was last Thursday and I have had the last 5 days off work doing absolutely nothing! It has been one of the most relaxing weeks in ages. Most of the time was spent in the garden, either reading in the sun, re-potting plants, painting or chillin’ out. Played video games, watched box-set of Alias, baked cakes, washed car, tidied up piles of papers and eaten loads of food!

I haven’t even been blogging since before my birthday. A few photos from the revamped garden to follow.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The porn princess andthe Indian computer whizz and the poker bet that made $10bn

An article about the rise of poker in the Guardian caught my eye (well it would with a title like that above!) The rise of poker: is particularly prominent online where PartyPoker has just been floated for nearly 10 million dollars. The Guardian comments on the success for the two founders: "Perhaps the most extraordinary part of the story is that Ms Parasol and Mr Dikshit, pronounced Dixit, were latecomers to poker. It was only in 2000, after seeing the success of the rival Paradise Poker, that they switched their focus from roulette and blackjack to poker."

I love how they make sure we know it is Ms Parasol and Mr Dixit - I would have to call him Mr Dick-Shit in a typical schoolboy way!

Museum of Hoaxes points out other amusing names: Richard Boner, Drew Peacock and Ken Tucke (think about it). But my favourite is still the local boy from Newcastle who I posted about last year. The very unfortunate Connor Riach - not very interesting until you realise that the surname is pronounced 'Rea'. Poor bugger!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Booty Call!

I have registered today to take part in a Spencer Tunick installation happening in Newcastle this July. Tunick is famous for his large scale nude installations that can involve up to several thousand nude figures arranged in public places. The blurb on the Baltic site says:
“Tunick’s site-specific installations follow on the tradition of land art. Working directly in the landscape, the artist uses the nude body as raw material to intervene and transform a chosen site, documenting the installations with photography and video which he then exhibits in a gallery context. The poetic whole resulting from individual bodies arranged in a sculptural way in an urban setting, challenge traditionally held views on nudity and privacy as well as social and political issues surrounding art in the public sphere.”

I say
“What a great excuse to get my booty out on show and the perfect motivation for some rapid dieting and exercise.”

I have seen Tunick’s work on TV before including installations at Selfridges in London and the Saatchi gallery, but never thought he would be filming/photographing in Newcastle. So, I have sent off my application form and will wait to hear what happens. All participants will receive a free print from the exhibition to be staged in January 2006. The BBC will be filming the event, but I have opted out of being specifically interviewed and followed through the process. Don’t mind getting my kit off in the name of art (or anything else really!), but I don’t necessarily want my gran to see a close up of my knob on national TV!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Pope is a Bummer

Sorry if this is old news - but just caught up with this news thanks to my boyfriend and Mikado for pointing me to the popbitch rumour that Rome's gay scene is buzzing with the rumour that Pope Benedict XVI has a secret priest lover. The money is on... his 55-year-old ex-secretary Josef Clemens.

I would love this to be true - the hypocritical old fart!

Already the Vatican, under the new leadership of Pope Benedict XVI, has condemned a Spanish government bill allowing marriage between homosexuals. The bill, passed by parliament's Socialist-dominated lower house, also allows gay couples to adopt. A senior Vatican official described the bill - which is likely to become law within a few months - as iniquitous. He said Roman Catholic officials should be prepared to lose their jobs rather than co-operate with the law.

I'll be visiting anti-everything for some of these stickers


We have had another busy bank holiday weekend – plenty of work, rest and play. Friday was a friend’s 40th birthday and as part of the celebrations (they carry on until next weekend) she had booked us to play bingo at the local Mecca. I have never been into a bingo hall, so it was quite an adventure. We arrived after the first sitting had started, so by the time we were all signed in and bought our ‘books’ of yellow, gold and purple games (what?? I was so confused!), we were ‘escorted’ by a member of staff to our table. Every pair of eyes in the hall seemed to be following us, were we too over-dressed, did we look too ‘posh’, or was the fact that we didn’t have fags hanging out of our mouths and weren’t wearing cardigans the real giveaway?

We took our seats and tried to make sense of the frenzied activity and furious number calling all around us. Eventually, I cracked and (in between games – never while numbers are being called!) asked 4 oldies what the hell was going on. They happily explained the game and said they had assumed that we were the cabaret as no one ever walks in the hall mid-game. There were eight of us and the four lads were meant to be the act, with the 4 girls as backing singers. This amused me no end, as the cabaret that night was The Four Tops, who are black; we were about as far away for the Four Tops as four pasty white boys could be!

Eventually, our games started and we were caught up in the madness of bingo, crossing off numbers, sharing the anticipation as we are one number off a full house, and the collective intake of breath when someone calls ‘house’ across the hall. We didn’t win, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We waited for the Four Tops to come on stage, (is the Gateshead Bingo Hall on a wet Friday night the best they can do??), and sang along to a few instantly forgettable tracks before heading off for a curry and beers. All in all a top night, not a bad way to start your 40th off.