Wednesday, May 11, 2005

'til the Cows Come Home

Living where we do in Newcastle has several good points:

  • We have good access to the city centre (15 minute walk)
  • Close to the main transport links
  • We are not surrounded by a transient student population
  • Good schools close by (for when we come to sell),
  • We are bordered by the town moor and parks

We usually walk across the moor to get to our local pub - it is a 15 minute walk – this is the only downside of where we live, but better than living in Jesmond with its main strip of pubs and drunken students. Crossing the moor usually involves walking through the cows, which my boyfriend sees every day on his run and has grown quite fond of. Last Saturday, we popped out for a couple of pints and were heading home when we saw a group of louts, one with a dog, chasing the cows round their pasture and trying to lead them out of the field into a local playground and on to the road. So, we did what any good citizen would do and rang 999. The police arrived about 3 minutes later and promptly chased after the louts away. They didn’t catch them, but the cows were safe. I must admit I felt a bit stupid when the policemen came back, but they seemed quite happy to have been called out for something other than a drunken fight. We went home happy to have saved the cows!