Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Introducing the Professor

When we moved into our house, nearly two years ago, we didn’t really have an idea how we wanted to decorate it. We had limited money and time and we were just happy to be there. Over the last 12 months we have made some changes: new furniture, painting, lighting etc. It is slowly coming together and the kitchen is being fitted at the end of April. This will mean that downstairs is almost done. Our bedroom is nearly there and that just leaves the bathroom and the spare bedroom.

The spare bedroom is used for guests and storing some of our clothes. Ultimately it needs re-plastering, additional power points and repainting. But we can neither afford the time nor the money at the moment. Having said that it needs to look presentable for guests and as we have unpacked the boxes in the attic little items keep making there way there. It started off as a vaguely French cottage theme, before moving onto a National Trust type Wordsworthian (is that a word?) theme.

Finally, the Professor took over. The Professor has many interests and never completes an experiment before his interest is sparked by something else. To date the Professor has been examining ways to increase the narcotic effects of coffee, hence his laboratory equipment and coffee samples.

He used to be a keen naturalist (and naturist come to think of it) and still keeps a couple of old and dusty butterflies mounted on the wall. My boyfriend is not too keen on them, but the Professor just shrugs and ignores him. Forever fickle, he has now become interested in old wooden carvings. I noticed he had purloined a carved wooden chest from the attic and has moved into to the bureau. I daren’t look inside as I am sure it contains some strange, esoteric experiment. Just this morning, I realised he had also added two wooden carvings we picked up in Cuba.

Having said that, the Professor is no bother. Days go by without hearing a peep out of him and as long as he helps an organic theme to develop he is a welcome guest.