Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hippy Fest

My parents have also been pretty liberal, which stems from their hippy past. They left Manchester, after they got married, to buy a cottage in Wales previously owned by Dave Swarbrick of Fairport Convention fame. I was born a couple of years later and spent my first years being toted around festivals with my pram piled high with tie-dyed T-shirts and hand crocheted ponchos.

The sounds of Fairport, Crosby/Nash/Stills/Young (whatever their latest incarnation was) and other ‘folk-rock’ acts were my lullabies. It is no surprise that I still have an ear for the mandolin, fiddle and flute (Yes – Jethro Tull was another early influence.)

So, when I saw that David Crosby and Graham Nash were playing at the new Sage Gateshead concert hall I just booked tickets, knowing my parents would want to come. Fairport was also playing up the coast in Berwick, so I booked them too. My partner has suffered me playing the odd track but wouldn’t really call himself a fan, but I persuaded him that a full on hippy-fest was good for the soul.

Crosby/Nash were great. They played some old favourites – Military Madness, Cathedral, Marrakech Express etc. It was great to see them live, especially as they haven’t played in the northeast for 27 years and are not likely to be back soon.

Saturday was up to Berwick for Fairport. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I haven’t heard any of their material for the last 15 years. My knowledge stopped at about 1980. I needn’t have worried. They did a great set with some old favourites (Matty Groves, Meet on the Ledge and Si Tu Dois Partir). We met the band after the show and I got a poster autographed for my mother.

Little fuzzy as taken with camera phone.

I really enjoyed the weekend and it was great to see how m uch my parentsn enjoyed it. I think my father appreciated us appreciating his music. My partner enjoyed both gigs too, now I have to persuade him to go to the festivals in summer!