Thursday, February 10, 2005

Me and my Tool Belt

Today at college there have been a number of workmen around the building, installing new walls and doors. One guy has had me all of a lather by floating around the building in a T-shirt and standard issue blue workman’s overalls. I had forgotten how much work-wear turns me on. Brickies, chipies, sparkies etc have a natural appeal that I realise I am not unique in finding attractive.

With this in mind a couple of friends bought me a professional tool belt a couple of years ago. My partner had tipped them off, although I think that they were pretty sceptical that it would be a good gift. I think that my reaction when I opened it convinced them that they had made a good choice. I take any excuse to use it, even when the job in hand only really needs a screwdriver. I will kit myself up and adorn myself with spirit levels, pliers, a tape measure and duct tape. I think my boyfriend was hopping that I would team the tool belt with cut-off denim shorts, a wife beater vest and a huge erection. Unfortunately, I take my DIY very seriously and rebuff all attempts at tom-foolery as I shove my pencil behind my ear and debate the relative merits of 6 inch wood screw versus a mighty wallop of a claw hammer and a rust nail.

I vow to make better use of these props (yes honey – you are on for some fun – finally!) and ensure the workwear and tool belt get the fully spunk-fest they deserve!