Monday, January 17, 2005

Bare Bun Fun Runs

I love this story in the Guardian about the Bare Bun Fun Runs that take place in America.


By far the most popular nude race is the Bare to Breakers run around San Francisco Bay where an increasing number of the 70,000 runners who take to the streets for a conventional 12km race choose to do so naked. Deciding where to place the obligatory race number is an issue and women are advised "to carry a sports bra and wear it if the need arises". All entrants are urged "to use prudence" if "they stop for a Starbucks en route".

This sounds great and I would defintely be turning up to encourage the runners.

This seems especially bizarre when I heard another report that a man's bare torso was pixelated on the American news networks so as to ensure that no viewers would be offended. The American media seems to have a really puritanical approach to any forms of nudity especially since nipplegate.

I still cannot understand why violence and gun culture are acceptable for peak time viewing but a hint of nudity can guarantee an advertising revolt and mass protests. Get it together!