Monday, January 31, 2005

Baby safe

I am still waiting for the first photo of my new niece. My mother took a couple of photographs when she was only a couple of hours old, (of my niece – I don’t mean that my mother was prestigious photographer at 2 hours old – but you knew that), and they should be here any day now. I have spoken to the proud mum and dad and apart form not sleeping for 48 hours they seem fine. They are planning to come and visit in the next few weeks, which is very exciting. It made me realise that our house is not a very baby-friendly house. It is probably fine for newborn babies but toddlers would have loads of fun with training wires, sharp edged tables and objects at head-butting height. I am amazed that we don’t have more inflatable houses or furniture made form marshmallows – perhaps that is where my fortune lies?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Uncle Buck

Today I became an uncle! My brother’s partner gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 00.01 this morning. She was 11 days overdue and weighed 7 lbs 8 oz. Both grandmas were there for the birth and it sounds like it was an emotional time for everyone. We are hoping to see the baby and the proud parents ion the next few weeks. I think there will be a whole stream of visitors at the moment and we need to find a few days to travel down to Manchester and see them.

It is very exciting – this is the first uncle experience for my partner and me and we are working on the favourite uncle status already. My boyfriend has bought all today’s newspapers and is buying the top ten singles as a souvenir for her 18th birthday. I am investigating premium bonds and savings accounts towards her university education. (I haven’t decided whether she should be a palaeontologist or a dentist yet).

I was tempted to invest in this shirt – but maybe it is a little over the top?!

Given my surname I have already been christened Uncle Buck, which is pretty cool – although I am not sure I can live up to the standards set by John Candy. Mark has written a lot about the joys of his nephews and nieces, so expect many postings about baby toes and fingers, dribbling and 'cute' stories.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I have been making a real effort this year to have my full five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables. This is easier than I thought, especially by making a fruit salad for my lunch.

Today’s portions include

Breakfast: 1 glass of grapefruit juice (1 portion)
Mid-morning: Smoothie with banana/strawberries/raspberries and apple juice (1 portion)
Lunch: Fruit salad with 1 grapefruit (2 portions), portion of blueberries/grapes (1 portion), 1 apple (1 portion), 1 satsuma (1/2 portion)
Mid-afternoon: 4 dried figs (2 figs = 1 portion)

Total for today: 8.5!! (and I don’t know what I will be having for dinner this evening yet

Monday, January 17, 2005

Bare Bun Fun Runs

I love this story in the Guardian about the Bare Bun Fun Runs that take place in America.


By far the most popular nude race is the Bare to Breakers run around San Francisco Bay where an increasing number of the 70,000 runners who take to the streets for a conventional 12km race choose to do so naked. Deciding where to place the obligatory race number is an issue and women are advised "to carry a sports bra and wear it if the need arises". All entrants are urged "to use prudence" if "they stop for a Starbucks en route".

This sounds great and I would defintely be turning up to encourage the runners.

This seems especially bizarre when I heard another report that a man's bare torso was pixelated on the American news networks so as to ensure that no viewers would be offended. The American media seems to have a really puritanical approach to any forms of nudity especially since nipplegate.

I still cannot understand why violence and gun culture are acceptable for peak time viewing but a hint of nudity can guarantee an advertising revolt and mass protests. Get it together!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Back to life, back to reality

I don’t think I have gone this long without posting to the blog before. Since I went to my parents before Christmas the PC has hardly been on even though I have had two assignments to complete for my MSc and (in theory) I have had a lot of free time to check out other bloggers, update my porn archives and check out all those links that others keep mentioning and I never get time to follow up (Healthy Coffee from Comatose, Give the Boy a Hand from Homeboi, the dangers of alcohol from Non stop to Tokyo, and Jamie4U from the makers of Trash Addict)

Christmas definitely crept up on me. Maybe because we had done most of our shopping by November and were spending the Christmas holidays at my parents (xmas eve and day) and my partner’s parents (boxing day) before hosting a New Year’s Eve party at our house. We seemed to spend an awful lot of time getting the house in order, including assembling furniture, donating a load of old clothes to Oxfam, cleaning and preparing food rather than the 5 day break of playing video games, wearing nothing but pants and drinking that we had originally planned.

We didn’t have a particularly extravagant Christmas as we had spent a lot of time and money on the house in 2004 and agreed not to spend much, ditto with our parents who had bought us furniture earlier in the year. We still got some great presents though and we had gone a bit mad on buying things for our families this year. Especially for my brother and his girlfriend who are expecting their first baby soon (today actually – but no news yet!)

I did have a great two-week break from the last day in my old job (21st December) to the start of my new job (4th Jan). It was a real shock to the system to be back at work, but as it is a new job I can still get away with the ‘new-boy’ excuse for a bit. Having said that, my desk is piling up with work and the mailbox is getting full…suppose I will have to pull my finger out.

Will update more as I get back into the swing of things. I hope you all had a relaxing break and wish you the best of luck for 2005!

Jay x