Monday, December 20, 2004

I’m getting married in the morning…

Just got back form the work’s Christmas Lunch. We went to a local restaurant and had a really great meal. It is my last day at this place tomorrow so it was also the last time I will see a few people. We had excellent Christmas crackers as well with top quality ‘surprises’ inside. I got a whoopee cushion which I managed to surprise my boss with – always a good laugh!

Most bizarrely we were on a long table in the restaurant with a further horseshoe shaped table alongside. This table was for a wedding party who were sharing the restaurant with us. So, we all had party hats on, cracking (snapping? pulling?) crackers and blowing the party tooters while the wedding party were having a sedate wedding lunch. I had seated myself strategically opposite the bride so I could see everything that was going on. She did look lovely but I can confirm that she tucked a paper napkin into her bodice and ate with her mouth open.

At the end of the meal my boss presented me with some leaving gifts, (lots of Alessi goodies) and I was urged to make a speech. I stood up and thanked everyone, including the wedding party who had stopped their meal to listen. It was quite bizarre to make the first speech at some random strangers wedding!