Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas is coming

I haven’t had much time for blogging. It is my last few days in the current job and it is a mixture of manic work spurts to get everything completed and slacking off time when I check out other blogs, order things on-line (priest calendar, Kylie CD, xmas presents) and sneaking out for ‘coffee-breaks’ with people I may not see again before I leave.

I have been to see my friend a couple of times in the hospital and he is looking and feeling pretty good. Still waiting for the outcome of his tests, but he is treating it a bit like a holiday with breakfast in bed, free internet access and the opportunity to lie in bed all morning listening to Radio 4 (heaven in my book). He is hoping to be back at home at the end of the week, which is pretty important. Still being in hospital over Christmas would be a really crappy way to spend the holiday.

At the weekend we went to the local Forestry Commission to get our sustainable Christmas tree. It is exactly 4 mm short of the ceiling and done up in a very stylish (read gay!) way with white feathers and red, silver and clear baubles. It looks great with the newly sanded boards and would go really well with the new sofas –if they were coming! Basically, we were told our new sofas would be here next week. We arranged to get rid of the old ones and are sitting on boxes for this week. Yesterday we were informed that there was a ‘ghost’ in the system and although the computer shows our sofa waiting at the distribution centre it hasn’t actually been made. We will get a replacement – but not until February 4th! Needless to say I wasn’t best pleased about this. The store is lending us an Italian leather sofa until ours arrives and we will get some compensation. We were pretty pissed off, but at least it means the new sofas won’t be covered in smoke/wine/spunk over Christmas and we can safely have everyone over for New Year with something to sit on.