Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Peel dies

I can't believe that John Peel has died. He was on holiday in Peru with his wife when he suffered a heart attack. From listening to the John Peel sessions on Radio 1 to my normal weekend dose of Home Truths he has been a voice in the background for many years. Radio has truly lost a defining legend. I am sure he will be missed by millions.

Someday my prince will come

Billy posted a couple of the infamous pictures of Prince Harry snapped leaving a night club, which seem to have generated the view that he is a bit of a hottie. In the spirit of promoting British tourism I thought I’d post a couple of pics of him taken earlier this year after a polo match. Viewed with the pictures of his brother, William, resplendent in Speedos at a water polo match I am beginning to wonder if the time is right for an Alison Jackson type brother on brother shoot (I know i would!)?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Gay novel wins Booker

Alan Hollinghurst has won the Man Booker Prize with 'he Line of Beauty, scooping £50,000 and a lot of critical acclaim. The Line of Beauty is a sumptuously written parable of the well-upholstered rise, decline and disgraceful fall of Nick Guest, an Oxford postgraduate who is a proud, detached connoisseur of literature, music and style. (according to the guardian - I am not that eloquent!)

This is the first time a gay novel has won the prize in the entire 36 years of the award. I have read some of Hollinghurst’s other novels and I particularly enjoyed The swimming Pool Library. I’ll have to wait for this one to come out in paperback before giving you my opinion.

Little Britain

The BBC reports that Little Britain drew the highest ever audience for BBC3 last night with 1.3milllion viewers. I loved the new character Bubbles - a grossly obese spa addict. Her full frontal scene was one of the best TV moments for ages.

Vanessa Feltz did a good job in the Fat Fighters club. Of course Little Britain wouldn’t be the same without Vicky Pollard who was up to her usual high (low) standard.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Rufskin Jeans

Taking my cue from Southern Fun, I thought it was time to post a couple of cute boy pics. Actually, you just get the one guy twice over! This is Adam from the Rufskin website. Their clothes are meant for someone in a lot better shape than me, but the models look great.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Barbados for Christmas

Sandals have announced that they are dropping their ban on same sex couples at their resorts. The Guardian reports that they announced it was lifting its ban on same-sex couples from 13 resorts, just before a spokesman was due to appear to defend its policy with the former minister, Barbara Roche, on BBC Radio 4's Today programme yesterday. Sandals has operated a ban since 2001 and has been criticised for it in the British parliament, with the Mayor - Ken Livingstone - banning their adverts on the London underground due to discriminatory practices.

My partner's parents went to the Sandals' Antigua resort a couple of years ago and had a fantastic time - the photos looked great. I think it may be a little too expensive and a little to old for our tastes, but it is good to see another barrier come down. Just a pity that civil partnerships, pension rights, housing tenancies and next of kin regulations are still to follow!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Oxfam Unwrapped

Great link via Zbornak to the Oxfam Christmas gift site. You can order a range of gifts for families and communities in developing countries. You receive a voucher detailing the gift to share with your loved ones. As I am experiencing the usual lack of inspiration on the gift-buying front, (I know it is weeks away – but I want my December pay-packet to be free for alcohol), this site offers some great ideas

My favourites are a brood of 10 chickens for £10 and a goat loan scheme for £24. An excellent way to avoid wasting money on something that will end at a car boot sale in 6 months time.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Xp or not XP...that is the question

Off to see my parents for the weekend tonight. I will be taking my PC for repair after a very unsuccessful download of the XP service pack. It is running very slowly and has only just recovered from me re-loading XP in an effort to make the damn thing work. If you haven’t loaded SP2 yet then make sure you backup first!!! Luckily, I had backed up so my large porn collection was safe!

Back next week.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Doctor-patient sex

A story on the BBC website today reports that 4 in 10 medical students feel that a sexual relationship between patients and doctors can be justified. What??!

To be fair the ‘researchers’ only asked 62 students whether they would accept a dinner invitation from a patient if they were working as a GP on a remote Scottish island. Hardly a scientific sample.

While the majority said no, 40% of students told the University of Glasgow team they would pursue a relationship. Asked to explain the reason why, some said private and professional relationships could be kept separate.

I love the fact that the ‘researchers’ told the students that “the patient in question was coming to the end of lengthy treatment and was also a member of a bird watching club the doctor had joined”

More amusing is the picture that the BBC chose to illustrate the story.