Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I followed a link on Fleshbot to the Zerocrop website. You really should check this out. Fleshbot said: "dark and damaged collection of narcotic induced adventures" featuring voicemail messages from gay chatlines, recorded conversations, tortured vinyl, backwards guitars and "fucked up beats"

I say "This blew my mind; incredibly stylish graphics with an urban edge and dark sexy music that reminds me what great music is. You feel this right in your soul. This is probably the best music to fuck to that I have heard for a long time." You can try the tracks out on the built in MP3 player, and I have gone onto order the CD.

Zerocrop has apparently been around for a while, although it is new to me. Samples of his first set of tracks, "Ain't No W*nker", are also avaiable and worth checking out.

Check this site out, I am pretty sure you'll love it. Not really suitable for checking out at work - unless you're the boss!