Thursday, September 23, 2004

I Know What I Did This Summer

Still on a wave of euphoria after getting my new job, I am sure this will wear off as I realise I have still got 3 more months left in this post and I will still be expected to deliver. I have agreed my last day will 31st December, albeit I have enough leave to finish mid December, so it really will be a fresh start in 2005.

In the meantime I have actually got around to sorting some of the Cuba pictures out. It has reinforced how crappy my ancient digital camera is. When I bought it 1.5 mega pixels was top of the range (in my price bracket), but now it is hopelessly out of date and it shows in the quality of the shots. Serves me right for being an early adopter. Hopefully, Santa will be kind this Christmas and pop some lovely shiny gadget in my stocking.

Back to Cuba – we spent a lot of time on the beach, in the sea and by the pool – mainly just chilling and getting some well-earned rest, but we also had time for water sports. (I know what your thinking but it was just too obvious a comment to make!)

This is a slightly blurry view from the hotel showing the pool and the beach. It is great to be 2 minutes away from the pool with the beach right next to it.

We probably spent most of time here and left the pool for the Brits who prefer the sterility of the pool rather than risk a few grains of sand getting in their trunks. We also went out in the catamaran from this beach a few times. I had never done this before and it was fantastic. I cannot swim very well so I usually hate being out in the sea, but strapped up in my life jacket I was quite happy being tilted to 90 degrees and constantly drenched as the pilot/driver/captain?? caught the breezes and zipped us a long. We all really loved it and I would definitely have another go. Unfortunately, sailing on the north east coast in the cold sea isn’t quite the same as the 45-degree heat of the Caribbean.

We also took a trip further along the coast to go out in speedboats. They were only 45 bhp little motors, but they went pretty damn fast. We had a large bay to traverse and a river inlet for a more sedate ride. There were a few people out and, apart from one stupid woman who had no idea how to control her boat and risked her daughters safety by driving straight at us, this was a high-adrenaline ride. I was a little perturbed to realise that what I thought were logs floating in the water were actually human heads (attached to bodies). Some of the local people were diving in the shallower waters. We hadn't been warned about this and to suddenly see you are on course for a person is pretty shocking. We managed to enjoy the ride without loss of life. This is my bonny face as I hurtle around the bay, trying to look suave and sophisticated (and failing).