Tuesday, August 10, 2004

TiVo halves prices to drive sales

Any one who has a TiVo will know how fantastic it is. It never really caught on in the UK, but we picked one up cheap when they decided to exit the UK market. It was a great investment as we now spend less time watching TV, but what we do watch is more varied. We can set up season passes for obscure late-night documentaries, films etc and never have to watch adverts. Pausing live TV is also great.

With more companies bringing PVRs onto the market we may see an increase, but they don’t usually have TiVo’s Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), which I think is pretty essential to making the technology work effectively.

The BBC reported today that TiVo has halved its prices in the US to just $100 (£54). If they were that price here I would be recommending them to everyone.