Friday, August 13, 2004

Hurricane heads for south Florida

We are off to Cuba at the end of the month, hoping to avoid the hurricane season. I have just read about hurricane Charley that has swept through Havana and is now heading towards Florida.

When we were in Cuba 2 years ago we were advised to stay indoors in Havana as the tail end of a hurricane was on its way. It seemed OK outside so we had a little stroll. It was very wet, but just like the rainy days we have had here for the last few days. People thought we were mad walking in the rain, but in the absence of cars lifting off the ground and power cables whipping over our heads we decided we would be fine.

In the end the hurricane missed Cuba, although it did some pretty serious damage in Florida. I am just hoping we are as lucky this time. I have been really looking forward to these two weeks away and would be majorly pissed off if we ended up barricaded in a hotel.