Thursday, August 12, 2004

Ants in My Pants

We have been invaded! The torrential rain over the last week has driven a biblical plague upon us. The kitchen floor is littered with the wood lice corpses (wood louse corpses?), beetles are seeking a warm spot by the boiler and worst of all, ants are seeking refuge under the front door. We came home yesterday to find ants marching along the hall carpet and scurrying around the skirting boards.

Generally, ants are our friends. They happily live in the back garden and organically manage the aphids, providing mild entertainment as they troop up and down the trees. Seeing them in the house is a different matter. At the risk of being called a murderer I had no choice but to vacuum them up. Not the most pleasant way to go – but I don’t really want to live cheek by jowl with them. We don’t have any bug spray so I have followed the old wives tale that ants hate talcum powder. Now, whenever you open the font door you are welcomed by a waft of Johnson’s baby powder.