Friday, July 02, 2004

Towering Inferno

When I was younger, probably about 10 or 11, I went through a phase of being terrified that the house would burn down. I think this came from my irresponsible parents letting me watch ‘Towering Inferno’. I was sharing a room with my brother at the time and we I had the top bunk bed facing the door. There was a glass panel above the door and I would stay awake focused on the glass panel looking for the first hint of a fire so that I could wake the family and make sure we escaped. Luckily we never had a fire and eventually I lost my fear.

When my boyfriend and me moved into our new house last year there were glass-panelled doors throughout which we are slowly replacing with solid wood doors. I have thought occasionally that I there was a fire in our house these doors would offer very little protection from smoke and the glass would shatter at the first flame. While this doesn’t keep me awake at night I am very careful about making sure all candles and cigarettes are out before going to bed.

Yesterday we had another wooden door fitted and apart from looking a 100% better I realised that I also felt more secure. We will be replacing the next batch of doors next month and then I will sleep secure in the knowledge that the doors will do the job that they are there for. Of course, this now means that I can worry about an escape route from our bedroom and I will start weighing up the merits of different escape ladders.