Tuesday, June 15, 2004

What will the boss say?

Today I went to meet a director at a mental health trust where I used to work. There had been a discussion about a potential secondment which, given the current level of happiness with my current job, sounded like a very attractive opportunity.

The post would involve managing the mental health services for older people in the county and preparing a new strategic plan for the next 5 years. The secondment would be for 2 years, by which time the director hopes to have a new organisational structure in place including some assistant director posts.

The job would be a good combination of operational and strategic management and working in a patch that I know pretty well. The trust would support me through the second year of my MSc and match (or maybe improve) my current salary.

I am definitely interested and have said I will go away to talk it through with my partner. It won't be as fast paced as the current job - but that is exactly what I am looking for. It would still be hard work, but 12-hour days and weekend working are not the norm. I have worked with the director before and we talked through my aspirations, experience and training. She thinks I would do a good job and said I could start immediately if I wanted.

I thought I needed to move into an acute hospital for career progression. Having done it for 2 years I realise that the experience is not essential for a lot of jobs and that the expectations of staff are too high. I want a home life as well - and not just weekends.

So I will discuss it further with my boyfriend this evening - but I am pretty keen on it. Of course, the big problem will be asking my boss - I am pretty sure that a secondment will be refused - but maybe knowing I am looking will make her want to let me go? If they won't offer me a secondment then the director will probably advertise the job externally - I will still be able to apply, but so may a lot of other external candidates.