Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Luckiest people born in summer

Heard this on the Today programme this morning. Apparently, there is a slight increase in self-perceptions of how lucky you are if you are born between March and August. Those born in May have the highest self-rating for ‘luck’.

While this is probably more about inherent optimism and glass-is-half-full thinking it is interesting that 40,000 people completed the questionnaire, through the BBC, and that there was a marked difference depending on birth month. Those born in October had the most negative view of their lives. The researchers admit those born in the winter months can help improve their luck quotient by having a more positive mental attitude.

I was born in June and tend to be fairly optimistic, I am sure this wouldn’t be the case for everyone. I have also just realised that one of my most psychotic friends is a winter baby and maybe this explains her perception that the world is against her.

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