Sunday, February 01, 2004

Back from Brum

I got back on Friday night from a week in Birmingham. It had been a pretty intense week. The module I was studying was all about health care planning. As this is my job I thought I should know something about it, but was also looking forward to learning new tools and theories.

To be honest there wasn’t a great deal about the legislative framework, policy documents or theories that I didn’t already know. At least it was user friendly and not couched in the usual management speak. It was a mixed class of part time students (like me) who are studying around their jobs and full-time students. It was good to share some of my learning with the group, but I was also conscious of not appearing like a know-it-all. I did ask a lot of questions of the speaker, but tended to do most of this in the breaks or after class. Some people said that they learnt a lot form my experience of planning,, so I think I got the balance right.,

We were given two more assignments, but I have until July to submit them so the pressure is off for those two. I do, however, have one due in on 17th February, which I really must get started. I also got my first assignment back. I got 60, which I was a meant I had passed with merit. I would have liked a distinction, but not bad for the first attempt. The marking scheme only seems to go up to 80, so I don’t know if I should view that as 60 out of 80 or 60 out of 100. The first option gives me 75% so I think I’ll stick with that!

The modules are more tiring due to spending a week away from my partner and home, stuck in a small hotel room every night. I tended to take my book to the bar in the evening and read over a couple of pints. I didn’t really want to talk to anyone, happy enough reading and eavesdropping on the occasional conversation! It was great to get home though.