Sunday, January 11, 2004

Gostats and searches

I have used Gostats for the last few months for a free counter. There has been the odd glitch but it has worked well and provides interesting stats on the countries where people are clicking from and the type of searches that have referred people to the blog.

My favourite search referrals for 2003 where:

1. Lapdance wallpaper pc
2. Gay urinal etiquette
3. Sophie Ellis Bextor minge
4. Smaralind is big
5. Camel man erection

Needless to say none of them actually refer to the search in question - well apart from Sophie Ellis Bextor's minge!

Other searches have often related to House Gymnnastics - of which I am a member and keen advocate, refernces to Bush and Blair, Buffy and gay issues.