Thursday, January 22, 2004

Florida Court Rules Entrapment in 'Party' Bust

Story on Officer (a website for law enforcement) about a gay man who was approached by an undercover cop, apparently looking for a good time, but actually on an undercover drugs operation.

“An appeals court says a gay man was a victim of entrapment because he didn't know an undercover detective was looking for drugs when the officer asked him if he wanted to "party.'' Julio Blanco, 37, who described himself as a lonely gay man, said that he understood ``party'' to mean having a good time or being sexually involved.”

Blanco said the cop was attractive and the defence attorney intervened and asked the judge to make an official finding that Nahum was attractive, which she did. "For the record, I would submit he was about 6 feet, 2 inches. He was in good shape, you know, a fit individual, young detective, looked to be maybe 30,''

The appeals court agreed that Blanco had been entrapped by "non-verbal communication'' used by the undercover officer. More on this story.

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