Wednesday, January 21, 2004

CD settlement forces prices up

The bloody British Phonographic Industry (BPI) have forced Cd-Wow to increase the prices of all CDs sold in the UK and Ireland by £2. I have bought a lot of CDs form this site and they usually cost £8-9 depending on the title. A lot cheaper than the £14 in most high street stores. CD-Wow was due to have gone to court in two weeks' time in action taken by the BPI, but have obviously felt they cannot afford to try and take the case to the Court of Appeal or the European Court.

So once again we suffer because of the greed of record companies. Rather than view the use of this site as an indicator that prices are too high and address the issue, they simply make the company charge more. It really pisses me off. I wouldn't mind if there was an alternative, such as iTunes, available in the UK.

The ruling is due to take effect from Sunday, so there are a couple more days to buy at the old prices.