Monday, December 08, 2003

Leo's Lyrics Database - Avid Merrion - Proper Chrimbo lyrics

I am getting quite addicted to Avid merrion's 'Proper Crimbo' song. It should definitely be number one - not wrinkly old Cliff Richard. I especially like his Craig David- Falkcon-flying-bed-wetting character! First couple of verses for you to sing along with...(full lyrics here)

Come an sing with me, proper chrimbo,
I take you for a drink with me, proper chrimbo,
Hold up your Christmas tree, proper chrimbo,
So excited you might wee, proper chrimbo, proper chrimbo,

On the seven days of Christmas my true love came to me,
A peregrine falcon, proper bo I tell thee,
She had two trainers and a beanie hat,
A new set of headphones all shining black,
I didn't sleep that night,
For Santa to come,
I wet the bed, that's what I had done,
Cos Christmas time is the place to be,
I always wake up in a puddle of wee,
With a ho ho and a silent night,
A little chipolata I'll be feeling alright,
Turkeys on the table, which brings a crowd,
Celebrate chrimbo I tell thee all.