Monday, October 06, 2003

Whispering Windows just like in Minority Report are here in the UK already. Not the hottest news off the press - but my partner told me about this the other day and I have just tracked it down. Like the Cruise film, adverts for DVDs are now whispering to people as they pass the window of Peter Jones in London. Waitrose are also investing in the technology which effectively turns the whole window into a large speaker.

We have had another busy weekend in the lead up to the wedding of two friends. We were out with the bride on Saturday – (NOT a hen night!) Also spent the day recording all the music for the wedding. Sunday was a rehearsal with some of the family and the ushers, bridesmaids etc. Went well and I could see that the bride was getting very excited, if somewhat wooried that something may go wrong. Looking forward to it myself. We collect our kilts next week (the groom is Scottish) and then the big day is on the 18th. Our lists of tasks seem to be getting bigger – hope we remember them all. Of course the biggest question is still what to wear under the kilt! Convention states nothing – but after a few beers do I really want all my tackle flashing around?!