Thursday, October 23, 2003

Patients given artificial blood

Great development reported on BBC. Apparently patients have been given artificial blood. The product starts off as real blood, which is goes through a process to turn it into a powder that can be reconstituted as needed. The other advantage is that it works for all blood types and transfers oxygen better than real blood. It has only been tested on 8 patients so far, but with no sign of rejection.

Dr Pierre lawfully, chief physician at the Karolinska Hospital, said that if artificial blood were approved for use it could lead to dramatic changes in health care. He said: "If this really works all the way, then mankind will have taken a big step forward. This is like landing on the moon."

Pretty revolutionary then! Lets hope it gets into production soon and on hospital shelves across the world. It is actually good to hear of a medical development coming to fruition. We here so many stories about bionic eyes, AIDS vaccines, artificial skin, 'cures' for dementia etc, that never seem to get past the headline and research stage. Great to see a real breakthrough happening