Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Odds and Sods

This week feels like it should be over already. Only Wednesday and as usual there are far too many things I need to focus on outside of work, the damn job just gets in the way. Boyfriend and I are ushers at a friends wedding this weekend. Picked up our kilts, which look great and got to sort present, music, guests who are staying over etc. Looking forward to it all immensely – quite a few people I won’t have seen for a while and the bride and groom are a great couple.

Also stuck in the interior design dilemma again. Have reached the point of cut-off where ideas have to be crystallised before getting anything done. Trash Addict inspired me to get to grips with this, but we keep seeing new ideas that feel right for the house. Decisions will have to be made!

Meeting up with a friend tonight who I haven’t seen a lot of for a long time. We lived together for many years and used to be really close. The loss of some of that closeness is inevitable as we have both found partners and set homes of our own, but it is sad that we don’t seem to have understanding and friendship that we used to. I am going to discuss a few of the reasons why I feel we lost that relationship this evening. Hopefully, not in a blaming way – more to get it out in the open, move on and (hopefully) re-establish our friendship. Wish me luck!!