Thursday, October 23, 2003

Am I Carrie Bradshaw?

Sat here thinking about my friends. Went off into a daydream as I contemplated the recent angst that is New Year. I have been trying to organise something for a couple of dozen friends were different groups overlap had me drawing Venn diagrams in my head. Friend A is in set B & C but cannot mix with set A. Mary is in set A and C but doesn’t know anyone in set B. Set D contains loose canons who cannot be planned for! Aaaaaaaaaaarrghhhh!

So – where does Carrie come into it…..well I was just colouring pretty borders on the Venn diagrams when I thought (Cue Mac screen…) “Do our friends stop us being friendly?” What I mean is that the juggling of different groups means risking alienating one fiend friend at the expense of another, and it starts to take the pleasure out of all the friendships. One good friend has twisted herself in knots by not saying what she really thinks and letting others (i.e. me) going off in completely different directions.
My advice? Think of yourself and partner first, then try to accommodate 1 or 2 friends at a time. Anything more than 5 and let someone else be in control!