Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Ad man's dream?

The Guardian reported last week that the gay and lesbian market are pretty much all rich, tech savvy, loaded with spare cash and loyal consumers. Sure this will apply to some - and probably to a lot of bloggers, but once again is a gross generalisation.

I am lucky enough to have been university educated, got a good job, own home etc, but not everyone has had the same opportunities. I used to work as a development work with gay and bisexual men in rural areas and ex-industrial towns with not a lot of employment left. The gay men that I came into contact with where, on the whole, just like the rest of the local population. That is - ordinary working class people who may have had jobs and their own homes or may not. They were more likely to be bothered about their summer holidays, family matter, and local issues than whether they had the latest blue-tooth enabled microwave phone.

I am sure there are groups of gay men and women who are loyal to companies who demonstrate an awareness of gay rights, but don't get carried away with this one.