Monday, September 22, 2003

Phone fix

Decided to add a new extension for the French phone in the living room. Didn't really want to trail a cable across the whole ground floor, so lifted the trapdoor and went into the floor space below. Most older houses will have a crawl space below the boards. The main thing to note is that is damp, dirty and dark. With the aid of a torch I crawled under the floors and fixed a cable from the kitchen to the living room. There is not a lot of room and I needed to knock a couple of bricks out to get through some of the smaller gaps. I assume the house will stay up OK! felt a bit like potholing really. Glad it is done, but not something I would want to do every day.

Took a while to connect all the wires and a bit of head scratching to get it all set up, but now works fine. Pleased it is done, although the French ring on a phone is very loud! Next job, may be to muffle the bell!