Sunday, September 21, 2003

Phone adaptor

One of the things we bought in Paris was an old 60s telephone in a lovely bright orange. Tried to re-wire to the BT system but the colours are all different on the wires and didn't fancy randomly testing them. Looked a lot on the net for adaptors with no luck, but finally found one on Friday from Multitel. They do adaptors for phones and modems for most countries in Europe, also USA, far east etc. They can work either way and really useful if you do a lot of travelling. Don't normally promote someone so much, but found this really useful.

Update on hair! - Decided not to get the skinhead. Had a friend over on Friday and I am an usher at her wedding in 4 weeks - she didn't want it that short! So compromised with a number 2 back and sides and shortish on top!