Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Illness, holidays and work

Typical – I finally get a holiday (off to Paris tomorrow) and I am still nursing a cold, sore throat, headache etc. Popped into the local Walk-in Centre last night to get it checked out as my partner has had the same problem (but worse) and been told he has a lung infection. Thought I best get checked out as I don’t want to pay the French prices for antibiotics. Luckily, I am not as bad and just have a viral infection that will clear up eventually.

It hasn’t helped having to be in work, but it is worse going away knowing that you have left loads of uncompleted jobs. I was in 8.15 – 7.00 yesterday and hope I don’t need to do the same today. I am sure the stress at work with a new boss, new structures etc hasn’t helped.

Never mind – tomorrow I will be off to Paris. I haven’t considered if there is an opportunity to blog over there, never seem to see internet cafes, and it does seem a bit sad to make a special detour for the blog. So may be out of action for a few days.