Thursday, September 18, 2003

Back in the UK

Well back after our holiday. We had a great time – relaxing and with plenty of good food and wine. I do love visiting Paris, I know it pretty well and find it an easy city to get around. It is just a shame to have to come back. First day at work and already I feel like I haven’t been away – I am still going through a huge pile of post and emails after an 8.30 –11.30 meeting and am delighted to see that someone has added a 5.30 meeting to my diary! Thank god it is Friday tomorrow.

Big dilemma while I was away was whether to have my haircut or not. Currently got the usual mid length messy look but I am now thinking of going for a skinhead. Not sure how it will look (quite a few years since I last had a skinhead) and I am now in a grown-up job wearing a suit everyday. Almost feel I need my bosses permission first!