Friday, August 22, 2003

Thank god it is Friday, it seems like it has been a very long week. The roads were half empty today; I assume everyone is making a long weekend of it. Great for them, but not for us poor suckers left at work. My partner is off today, no doubt lounging around with a leisurely breakfast before having a relaxing day. Good for him really, I am just jealous!

I watched a fascinating programme last night about Alice in Wonderland and some of the history behind the author, Alice and the way the book has quickly become a classic and commands such high prices at auction. Brief overview of Carroll at the BBC

Also read an article in the Guardian online section yesterday about blogging. The premise was that it represented uncensored amateur journalism form a clique of writers who just link to themselves. I appreciate that the Guardian is one of the few mainstream papers that even comments on blogs let alone publishes regular articles about them. I feel that blogs are a way of documenting some of your reactions to current events, they provide an outlet for a view that may not be offered in the mainstream media and they allow you to point people towards information that they may not otherwise come across.

I suppose they are really a move towards a personal newspaper/journal. I find it interesting to look at my archives to see how a particular event affected me or remind me of things I intended to do. As for whether anyone reads them let me know at silver.boy(AT)