Thursday, August 28, 2003

Bones on the tip

I heard about this story yesterday that has an interest for me as I am originally from the northwest. A cemetery in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester was dug up as part of the development of a car park and the bodies reburied at a cemetery in Bury. Unfortunately, the contractors missed some bones that have turned up on a land fill site. I think it is pretty shoddy on the part of the contractors. They might not think it is a big deal - but if members of their own family were buried there i am sure it would be a different matter.

Not much else to report - very busy at work and very envious that everyone is coming back from their holidays. We till haven't had a break yet, with buying the house this year. We have got a few days in Paris in September and I am really looking forward to that though. I have been to Paris quite a few times and don't feel the pressure to look at a 101 tourist sites, so I am looking forward to a relaxing time.